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Born 1925 in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.
Military service after school finals.
American prisoner of war until 1946 in Italy. 
During this period first works in wood from ammunition boxes with razor blades.
After his release, six months of work in the studio of Prof. Josef Zeitler, Stuttgart.
Since 1948 independent sculptor, with studio in Stuttgart.
The first comissions for restauration in wood and stone are followed by own works 
for churches and public places.
Compelled to change to modelling in wax for bronze sculpturing, 
because of an accident to the hand sustained at work.
Until 1974 (since 1962 studio in Leudersdorf/Eifel) more than twenty church portals, 
fountains, free-standing sculptures are sculptured for the cities Stuttgart, Worms,
Heilbronn, Kassel, Hildesheim, Eßlingen, Trier und Croyden (England).
Journeys abroad to Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, USA and Canada.
Teaching at Emmerson College, Forest Row, Sussex.
1974: individual exhibition at Browse & Delbanco, 19 Cork Street, 
London with focus on small-sculptures.
1975-1987: work on three, three-dimensional double portals for the 
National Cathedral in Washington DC and works for Rankweil and Hohenems (Austria).
In the following years works in the cities Herford, Hildesheim, Schwäbisch Hall,
Mainz, Andernach and Meckenheim are produced.
Between 1997 and 2003 a ceremonial portal and a tabernacle for the St. James Cathedral 
in Seattle are sculptured.
Der fröhliche Akrobat

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